Get a Perfect Builder for Your Dream Home

Hindbo Construction has a long history of building homes in the Shuswap region. Many people are moving their families to this area and want a home that will accommodate their current lifestyle. An equal number are updating and upgrading their summer home for a more enjoyable experience with their kids and grandkids! We understand the dilemma that people have in determining if it’s better to renovate a home or to replace it. People often contact us, looking for solid advice. They’ve heard lots of anecdotal comments about renovating or building ‘new’ but want an expert opinion that they can get behind, before they bring out their wallet!

In general, we categorize homes into two groups. If the home was built between 1975 to 2000, we’re concerned with the structural bones of the home. There is typically substantial remediation work needed on the foundation and building envelope with these older homes to bring them up to today’s building standards. With homes built in 2000 and newer, our clients are more interested in upgrades and lifestyle additions. They want to be able to connect the indoor and outdoor living spaces. Either way, cost of home renovation in Salmon Arm can be quite extensive both on the exterior and the interior of the home. The Hindbo Team prides themselves in their expert knowledge of proper drainage, retaining walls and concrete work required to achieve successful outcomes. This experience encompasses the home, outdoor entertaining areas, landscaping and additional buildings like a coach house or pool house. Don Hindbo, owner of Hindbo Construction is well - known for his vast knowledge of the soil conditions and how the land can be molded to best accommodate the home. Hindbo Construction’s 30-year history in the Shuswap region means that we know the changing restrictions and which properties may have ‘grandfather clauses’ to be considered

Whereas Don enjoys the early stages of the construction process, Jeremy Pringle takes the lead in managing Hindbo’s complex projects and keeps the home renovation costs within the client’s budget. Jeremy loves the challenges that come with renovating a home. He explains that he sees himself “as the conduit between fulfilling clients’ wishes and understanding the physical barriers of the existing building”. Often, there is the need to correct previous do-it-yourself renos. The Hindbo Team is committed to doing it right! In early discussions with clients about their renovation, we talk about how the changes will fit their new lifestyle. We also talk about the potential resale value and how that is affected by your choices. We believe that it’s so important to have ongoing communication throughout the process and by the very nature of the job, friendships do develop. Jeremy believes in going ‘above and beyond’ to ensure that his clients are happy with their renewed home!

Potential clients often ask what the next steps are after their initial call or email. The Hindbo Team is very methodical in our process of determining the best options. We’ll want to come out to the site and meet with you. Although we know the local geographical area very well, we will want to see the home and property and to hear your story on its history. We’ll ask about your ideas for home building in Salmon Arm and what you think you want to spend on these changes

Older home plans tend to be chopped up with many smaller rooms. Today, people really like the open concept layout. If you want to completely rearrange the home’s layout, that will most likely require structural change. We’ll check where the point-loads are located as well as the overall condition of the roof, walls, and foundation. Is the home serviced by a City storm system or a septic field? Are there any signs of water issues around the perimeter of the home? Even the surrounding landscaping is considered and how the home is situated on the lot

Certainly, we will discuss the ‘Sentimental Value’ of the home with the owners. At times, this is the key driver of how decisions will be made. It’s not unusual to have summer homes passed down through the family, from one generation to the other. They want to retain their childhood memories of the home, but due to extensive deterioration, the structural integrity is compromised. There are ways to approach this and as one of the premier home renovation contractors, Hindbo team is well-versed on how to handle this situation.

Some of Hindbo’s clients are interested in advancing their home’s energy efficiency, including discussing various heating sources. We will discuss the features and benefits of upgrading the insulation levels, building envelope and drainage.

At the end of the examination of all the issues and requests, the conversation usually turns to costs and schedule. Anything is doable but it will increase the cost and time to achieve! There are demolition costs for the actual work, asbestos removal, landfill requirements and permit fees that need to be considered. It may not be possible to save the old structure if there is too much change wanted. The only way to determine if your renovation will be less costly than a new home is by understanding what’s important to you. Depending on your choices, home renovation costs can be very expensive can be very expensive compared to starting brand new. But the benefits and satisfaction of renewing the home can also outweigh the additional cost.

As one of the top home renovation contractors, Hindbo Construction specializes in large, complex renovations. We are as comfortable renovating your home as we are constructing a new custom home build. Our clients appreciate our knowledge, experience and especially our transparent budgeting system. When preparing a budget, we show the client the breakdown of the project and help the client to understand where their dollars will be spent. We believe that it’s critical for the homeowner to trust us to do the very best job with their money

We’re very proud of our track record and many of our homeowners have given us glowing references. Renovating can be a stressful time, but rest assured, the Hindbo Team will do their very best for you. The most important advice in deciding whether to renovate or build new, is to have an experienced contractor help you to understand all the concerns, possibilities, and options. The rest is easy!!